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Myrtle Grand HOA Property Management – HOA Property Management You Can Count On

Myrtle Grand HOA Property Management has developed one of the most proactive and effective Home Owner (HOA) and condominium association management companies in the North Myrtle Beach area.

Our Management Approach

Our goal is to maximize property performance. This involves integrating all areas of property operations to the daily association management. Communication between owners and management is the key to “happy owners” and ultimately a well-managed Association. This is done by frequently monitoring the common areas, establishing a strong relationship with the owners and by resolving problems early to avoid escalation.

Myrtle Grand Property Management has 15 years of experience managing properties in the North Myrtle Area, and as a result have well-developed systems and policies. In today’s ever-changing world, we continually improve our services and operational policies, to stay current with the newest operating ideas. We look to our employees, the market and our homeowners for suggestions and ideas for improvement. For us to achieve our goal, our focus is on:

  • Preserving and enhancing the property
  • Maximizing cash flow
  • Timely and effective communication with our homeowners

We encourage regular communication and site visits with the board and committee chairs. Once a year we distribute a Quality of Service Survey to each association, which reflects to the job performance of the property manager.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our Company was created and operates under a philosophy of honesty and strong ethical principals. While in business to make a profit, our pricing is very competitive. What sets us apart from our competition is strong management, our list of superior vendors, 24 hour emergency assistance and the accessibility of our team. We are also an Accredited Business through the Better Business Bureau.

Our Process

The first step and most important step in managing your condominium or homeowners’ association is to develop a relationship with our owners. This relationship begins with the initial notice that Myrtle Grand Property Management will be their managing agent. At that time, we will find out what their needs are and determine what steps need to be taken to ensure those needs are met. We have learned that early contact with owners helps develop a strong relationship.

We believe that developing a sense of community is vital to our success. It requires continual attention to the common areas including the grounds and will result in a pride of ownership for our clients.

To accomplish this, we will contract for annual services such as landscaping, cleaning the roof, gutters, down spouts, and sweeping the parking lots. For maintenance of the common areas we can utilize our professional vendors. For urgent maintenance items, our office is open from 8-6 Monday-Saturday and we are available to handle emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Understanding Financial Performance

Myrtle Grand Property Management deposits all client funds in a federally insured financial institution trust account. These are funds used to pay the expenses of the property (ie, maintenance, utilities, mortgages, contract commitments, and management commissions).

Reports you will Receive

We will send you a detailed monthly report on the fifteenth of the month. This report will show you income received and expenses paid for the previous month. With it you will receive a transaction register so you will be able to further follow income and expenses. The attached copies of the invoices help to keep you further in touch with your property.

Double Check Invoice System

Myrtle Grand Property Management checks every invoice twice to ensure that invoices paid are for services completed. This system also allows us to thoroughly review invoices for any charges, which may seem out of line, or unauthorized. When authorizing maintenance, Myrtle Grand Property Management reviews budgets to ensure that work stays within established parameters.

Scope of Services

These services are included in the monthly management fee:

Accounting (Actual):

  • Collect the Owners Assessments
  • Pay bills
  • Provide monthly income & expense reports
  • Follow up on late & delinquent owners
  • Complete monthly bank reconciliation
  • Submit annual reports for state agencies

Accounting (Actual/Advisory):

  • Prepare with the Treasurer the annual budget

Board (Actual/Advisory):

  • Meet with the board of directors when needed, not to exceed 4 times per year
  • Make recommendations to & help the Board solve problems
  • Prepare monthly maintenance, financial, delinquency & budget spreadsheet report
  • Insure necessary actions are before the Board
  • Assist in preparing agenda, reports & proxies for annual meeting

Maintenance and Landscaping (Actual):

  • Confer with Board Chair once a month (in person or on the phone)
  • Log & track all of the work orders
  • Review the work order log with the Chair on a regular basis
  • Use licensed & bonded companies/contractors
  • Identify problems, research options & submit to Board
  • Set specifications for bid work & solicit bids
  • Submit bids with recommendations to the Board
  • Maintain permanent subcontractor files
  • Review and track all maintenance services

Maintenance and Landscaping (Supervisory):

  • Hire and monitor the work of vendors
  • Notify Owners of work schedules
  • Sign off on satisfactory work
  • Sign time sheets
  • Annual Budget Review

Maintenance and Landscaping (Advisory):

  • Code violations
  • safety hazards
  • weatherization

Administrative (Actual):

  • Myrtle Grand Property Management will visit the site no less than once per week
  • 24 hour Emergency line to take care of Owners emergencies
  • Keep owner & property files up-to-date at our office
  • Maintain owner directory
  • Prepare automatic & Board ordered letters
  • Prepare & submit Annual Management Plan
  • Maintain permanent file of Condo Rules, Bylaws & Declaration
  • Arrange legal foreclosure after Board action
  • Stay informed of revisions in Condo laws
  • Act as Agent of Record
  • Guidance with insurance information
  • Obtain bids for insurance renewal if necessary
  • Publish newsletter, edited & supplied by Board of Directors

Administrative (Actual/Advisory):

  • Work with owners regarding illegally parked vehicles
  • Respond to complaints from owners regarding pets that are unleashed/unscooped
  • Resolve any other owner concerns/complaints/violations

The Following Work Will Incur An Additional Charge For Printing And Mailing:

  • Conduct owner mailings
  • Mail assessment coupons
  • Assemble & mail newsletters
  • Assemble & mail monthly Board packets 2 weeks prior to Board meetings
  • Assemble & mail the agenda, reports & proxies for the Annual meeting

The Following Work Will Be Handled By Subcontractors:

  • Lawns – Maintenance & Flower beds
  • Trees & Bushes – Maintenance, Removal & Planting
  • Plumbing – Water, Sewer, and Back-Flow Testing
  • Storm Drains
  • Sprinkler System – Repair
  • Electrical – Lights
  • Siding, Decks & Walls
  • Painting
  • Pool refurbishment (when needed)
  • Pest control
  • Street & Sidewalk – Repair & Maintenance
  • Street Sweeping
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Ongoing contacts – Legal, Insurance, etc

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