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SOS Spring Safari - 25% off for SOS!

Each year as spring break winds down and the college kids head back to class, the grownups come to the beach to play!  As the official SOS website says:

"Each year at the end of April the coming of Spring is celebrated by thousands of shaggers from all along the east coast. They hit the road in search of wild life. Their destination is the famous little strip of sand known as the Grand Strand. After the long Winter, shaggers are eager for the first outing of the Summer. They find it at the SOS Spring Safari."
SOS Spring Safari

This ten day party has many activities that keep shagdancers busy from morning till late at night. The Association of Carolina Shag Clubs member clubs schedule "tea parties" in the local lounges. The Clubs along Main Street schedule special bands and DJs to make the most of the Safari. Popular bands show up in Ocean Drive playing crowd favorites and DJs keep the crowd swaying till the wee hours. Shag dance instructors will offer classes to the masses who are seeking to improve their skill or increase their repertoire of moves.

When the sun goes down the animals of the Safari come out to play! The streets are full of that special breed of night creatures who know how to dance and are willing to take a chance.  Spring Safari ParadeDrive slow along Main Street and Hillside Drive as groups of shaggers move en masse to get to their favorite watering hole. The night will be spent shag dancing to timeless beach music and socializing with friends both old and new. Spring Safari is often called "the East Coast's biggest party for adults."

The second Saturday starts out with a parade (all the clubs will participate) the streets are lined with folks enjoying the fun and sometimes dancing along with the music flowing down Ocean Boulevard. Bands and DJs end the week on a high note and everyone reluctantly heads back home at the close of SOS Spring Safari.  

Make sure you are ready for the fun (book now for your place in the sun) and reserve your beach pad for April 21 - 30, 2017. Call (843) 249-0200 now to reserve your place for this epic event!
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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